Absolutely Everything

Our Studio

We’re a boutique consultancy specializing in politics & advocacy. If your project is important, has to stand out, or needs a simple solution to a complex problem we can help.

Since 2006 our sole focus has been design and technology for the Left. Everything we do is to help you gain supporters, raise money, and influence the political process. No fluff, no side-projects, just political & advocacy work. 

How We Work

You'll deal directly with partner-level specialists at every stage. Your project will never be subbed out, offshored, or dumped on interns. We're a small, experienced team who left the commercial sector to keep our hands dirty with projects we believe in.

We know online action. Liberal Art helped develop Act Blue & Salsa — used to manage millions of supporters and raise over $500 million. And we were among the first to use both BSDtools and NationBuilder. We're always looking to bring new technology to our clients to help them succeed online. 

Much of our work is with communications and strategy firms that serve the progressive non-profit and political space. Whether it's direct or through your consultant, if you need to stand out and get things done we can help you. 

Our Specialties

Politics: We've worked on three Presidentials, dozens of Senate races and many others from city council to governor. We've worked international campaigns in the UK and Africa for MP, MEP, gubernatorial and presidential campaigns. We've worked on ballot initiatives in 20 states, the UK and Australia.

Advocacy: We only take work we believe in and our advocacy clients span the enviroment, civil rights, women's issues, youth, animal rights and labor. 

Our Team

Steve Ofner is the Design Partner. He left BlueStateDigital to found Liberal Art to focus solely on non-profits and campaigns he believes in. He has two decades of design and information architecture experience.

Ron Smith is the Tech Partner. A pioneer in dynamic web content, he's worked on the web since its early days, now leveraging his startup and consultancy experience for issue-based work.

Robin Ofner is the Client Partner and handles project management. She has an MBA from Carnegie Mellon and 14 years experience in technology and management consulting.

What We Do

As a small firm we're focused on doing a few things and doing them well. That enables us to move quickly and meet some otherwise unrealistic expectations for our clients.

NationBuilder: Liberal Art is a pre-eminent NationBuilder Architect. Our list of firsts is long and ever expanding. We've moved an entire political party and its MPs and MEPs onto NB, created a site to handle a single day of 5000+ events on 5 continents, and built the largest external (300) subnation & theme cluster to date.

Drupal + CRM: We've been adding Salsa and BSDtools to Drupal since 2007. Those systems have included complex third party integrations for mapping, advanced data capture, and custom supporter tools.

Branding: Our branding practice is limited to campaigns and advocacy projects. By focusing on our small sector we can keep costs down and work faster by leveraging our deep knowledge of what you're trying to acheive.

Support: You may not have the people or time to run, maintain, or expand on our work. In those cases we're happy to lend a hand on a project or retainer basis.

What we don't do: We handle the whole of our projects; we don't do piece work of just design or code and we never sub out your work.


No Pre-flip

Expertise — you'd be hard pressed to find another firm with deeper online design and technology experience specific to politics and advocacy. 

Focus—it's why we cost more. We take a limited number of projects and we're picky about whom we work with. But we'll work nights and weekends if needed to meet the inevitable surprises of political and advocacy work.

Simplicity—Our pricing is all-inclusive flat rate and we'll work with you to find the best balance of time, cost, and complexity; there are never any surprise fees.

Sample Projects

Microsites: A dynamic one pager or a mini-site with 3 or fewer page types. Rapid turnaround and custom functionality extra. 
from $5,900

Campaign Site: Candidates & advocacy campaigns may differ in focus but are similar in complexity and function.  
from $9,900

Multi-site: No one has done more complex clusters of subnations than we have. We can solve the most complex setup so you can manage it.
from $15,900